Jana Skoupa, MD, MBA (CZ)

Date of birth:

Medical Faculty in Brno, Czech Republic, specialization in internal medicine
MBA degree at Shefield Hallam University UK

Professional experience:
1985–1990 Internal Medicine Clinic, Teaching hospital in Brno
1990–2002 Managerial positions in Pharmaceutical Industry
Since 2002 Medical director of Pharma Projects Ltd.
Scope of activities: health economic projects, HTA, medical marketing
Since 2012 Director of HTA unit of 1st Medical Faculty, Charles University Prague
Since 2012 Consultant of MoH Prague (HTA)

Membership in organizations:
Founding member and board member of the Czech Health-Economy Society
Member of ISPOR (International Society for Outcomes Research and Pharmacoeconomy)

Selection of publications and presentations:
Archives of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
Farmakoekonomika (Journal of Czech HE Society)
Cardiology (Journal of Slovak Cardiology Society)
ISPOR European Congress (Athens 2008, Paris 2009, Prague 2010, Madrid 2011)


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