Program & invited speakers

FRIDAY, 1st June

  Lecture Speaker
09:00 Opening Ceremony  
  1. Epidemiology of vascular disesase: what are the differences  
09:10 West – east gradient of vascular disease Prof. Martin Bobak, MD (UK)
09:40 Recent data from epidemiological surveys on CVD Prof. Renata Cífková, MD, PhD (CZ)
10:10 Cardiovascular risk factors: lessons from ARIC Ron Cornelis Hoogeveen, PhD (USA)
10:40 Break  
  2. Risk assessment  
11:00 Global CVD risk assessment Ass. Prof. Michal Vrablík, MD, PhD (CZ)
11:30 Diagnostic use of apoB and apoAI Prof. Jiří Frohlich, MD, FRCPC (CA)
12:00 Novel biomarkers: good thing, bad thing or nothing in risk stratification? Prof. Wolfgang Koenig, MD, FESC, FACC (DE)
12:30 Lunch  
  3. Risk reduction strategies: What do the most recent guidelines tell us?  
13:30 ESC guidelines 2012 for CVD prevention Prof. Željko Reiner, MD (HR)
14:00 EAS/ESC guidelines 2011 for the treatment of dyslipidemia Prof. Lale Tokgozoglu, MD, FACC, FESC (TR)
14:30 Lp(a) in the light of most recent knowledge Marat Ezhov, MD, PhD (RU)
15:00 Reapraisal of ESH guidelines 2009 and what has followed Prof. Peter M. Nilsson, MD, PhD (SE)
15:30 Discussion  

SATURDAY, 2nd June

  Lecture Speaker
  Panel discussion: short intros by panelists followed by questions from the audience  
09:00 Type 2 diabetes: Interactive case presentation – Intro Ass. Prof. Michal Vrablík, MD, PhD (CZ)
09:15 Global CVD risk in diabetes Jiří Krupička, MD, PhD (CZ)
09:25 Discussion  
09:45 Management of DLP in T2DM Prof. Željko Reiner, MD (HR)
09:55 Discussion  
10:15 Management of hypertension in T2DM Prof. Renata Cífková, MD, PhD (CZ)
10:25 Discussion  
10:45 Break  
11:05 Genetic dyslipidemia: FH as an example – Intro Ass. Prof. Michal Vrablík, MD, PhD (CZ)
11:15 Risk assessment in FH Marat Ezhov, MD, PhD (RU)
11:25 Discussion  
11:45 Therapeutic strategy in FH patients Prof. Jiří Frohlich, MD, FRCPC (CA)
11:55 Discussion  
12:15 Conclusion of the day 2 sessions  
12:20 Closing remarks  


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